Adobe CQ5 Training

training_sizedI-Cubed provides standard and customized Adobe CQ5 training for clients. We can deliver training at your site or remotely via online classroom training software.

We also provide on-the-job mentoring and side-by-side engineering from our seasoned CQ5 developers and architect consultants, an option best suited for upcoming Adobe CQ5 developers and CQ5 architects that you expect will one day lead your internal web experience management teams.

Benefits of Adobe CQ5 Training from I-Cubed

  • 24 Hour turn around time on Adobe CQ5 training proposal
  • Fixed priced engagements based on the number classes (not the individual seats)
  • Consultation by a senior CQ5 developer consultant to help outline goals and expectations for training
  • Standard and customized training content depending on your CQ5 environment
  • Training can be delivered on-site in a classroom, remotely over the web, or one-on-one over time.

Adobe CQ5 Developer Training

Estimated time to complete training – 2 weeks
• Overview of CQ5 technology stack and WCM platform
• Setting up Author and Publish instances
• Creating and extending templates and page components
• Managing pages in the SiteAdmin
• Using CRXDE and CRXDE Lite
• Developing CQ components, edit and design dialogs
• Widgets, xtypes, and adding authorability to dialogs
• Defining and applying a Design to pages
• Replicating content from Author to Publish instance
• Creating a custom xtype and widget
• Using the CQ Package Manager
• Overview of Workflows and creating custom workflow process steps
• Deploying OSGI bundles and Java classes to CQ, and using them in a component

Adobe CQ5 Architect

Estimated time to complete training – 2-3 weeks
• CQ5 Design
• Content Migration to CQ5
• CQ5 Component Development
• CQ5 Digital Asset Management Strategy
• CQ5 Social and Collaborative Content Management
• CQ5 Audience Targeting and Search Engine Strategy and Optimization
• CQ5 Digital Market Campaign Management
• CQ5 Mobile Development

Adobe CQ5 Admin

Estimated time to complete training – 1-2 weeks
• How to configure LDAP
• How to configure the dispatcher
• How to configure Web servers
• How to Install CQ on multiple operating systems
• Installing CQ in application servers
• How to configure the replication agent

Adobe CQ5 Author

Estimated time to complete training – 2 weeks
• How to create pages from templates
• Publishing pages, adding content, and versioning
• How to use out of the box CQ5 components effectively
• Workflows and how to use them
• Modules within CQ5 and how to administer them

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