Established in 1984 by a NC State University graduate student, I-Cubed has an extensive engineering heritage. Grant Williard, I-Cubed’s founder, developed the technology that led to the creation of I-Cubed while working on his senior design project sponsored by IBM. The technology, originally called CAD-PACK, enables mainframe CADAM emulation on a user’s desktop, saving valuable space and money. I-Cubed’s first product is still in use today under the name Revisio.

As I-Cubed looks to the future, it is important to reflect on the strong heritage of innovation, product diversification and partner relationships that make up our rich history. Expanding our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) services was a key strategy that lead to growth and success. Extending into WEM (Web Experience Management) Our key milestones are highlighted in the brief timeline below.

For over 25 years, I-Cubed has provided the people, products and processes to maximize the tremendous value of assets across the enterprise.