Predictive Analytics for Engineering & Cost Management

The I-Cubed Analytics Solution mines the intelligence hidden in your engineering drawings and purchasing history, crystallizing it into usable numbers and visuals that drive early, smart decisions. This solution offers a mix of packaged analytic tools that access reference materials and historical cost data with a high level of manufacturing and supply network expertise, allowing you to -

  • Know what you should be paying before your supplier enters the room to negotiate.
  • Find the right supplier for the right part before the engineering drawings are completed.
  • Decide which suppliers can handle your needs before operations asks.
  • Understand your compliance with Reach, RoHS and Conflict Minerals.
  • Proactively manage the risk of your multi-tier supply network to understand capacity and delivery bottle necks.


i-Cubed Analytics pic

1.  The I-Cubed Analytics Solution mines intelligence hidden in your CAD drawings and purchasing data. Benchmarking the parts you purchase, their features, prices, suppliers, or other manufacturing traits.

2. Manufacturing executives can gain new insights into the competitiveness and effectiveness of their supply network management.

3. These benchmarks give your engineering team the ability to design for supply network effectiveness. They also give your purchasing team the ability to manage the supply network more powerfully.

4. Parts suppliers can self-manage their costs, parts mix and business focus based on I-Cubed intelligence.


Smarter decision making -

  • Gives you a competitive advantage. I-Cubed’s innovative algorithms lets you mine data in more ways than your competition can. It gives you and your engineers and procurement managers’ usable new insights into your design and purchasing processes – so they can make smarter decisions.
  • Lets you look at your entire direct material purchase systemically. With I-Cubed’s Executive Dashboard, you’ll see how engineering and manufacturing decisions impact not only themselves, but the entire company’s financial health.
  • Can be customized for your operation. Our Solution can be programmed to fit with your manufacturing parts, raw materials, processes and suppliers during setup. Because the I-Cubed team does the implementation, your IT team need not get involved. And as part of your implementation fee, we train your team so they can get the most out of the system.
  • Will save you money. I-Cubed has proven bottom line savings for other major manufacturers.


Powerful Applications

suppliy-managementSupply Network Management

Helps Supply Network Executives manage the competitiveness and risks associated with their supply network.

buying-effectivenessBuying Effectiveness

Tools to help buyers manage their portfolio of parts, costs, risk, and focus on execution.

engineeringtoolsEngineering Analytics

Allows engineers to proactively design for supply network effectiveness and engineering compliance.

logistics-effectivenessCompliance and Sustainability

Ensure your organization is in compliance with Reach, RoHS and Conflict Minerals and understanding the carbon footprint of each part.

sales-estimationSales Estimation

Quote and find parts that may be similar for price comparison.

execmanagement Executive Management

Visualize your scorecard to understand and measure the overall value of the Purchasing organization.